Aug 22 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 112


It sure feels good in the ear buds to hear the voices of these idiots once again.  Grab yourself a beverage, sit in your favorite chair and strap yourself in because this episode sure is an adventure in every sense of the word.  Burnsie hits up a club with his wife and pops bottles, Big Brown does whatever it is Big Brown does, while RedWing teaches the fellas how to survive in the wilderness.  The gauntlet has been laid down and a challenge accepted by RedWing to pull a Bear Grylls in the Shenandoah with minimal supplies.  Cannot wait to hear the outcome of this!



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Aug 4 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 111

“BB&B and….BEANS”

Believe it or not Episodes have been released two weeks in a row and these guys aren’t slowing down. There’s one thing that can be attributed to their new found rejuvenation for putting out episodes … drum roll … BEANS.  Beans, as we’ve been told, keep all your stuff moving and RedWing enlightens BB&B on just how magical beans truly are and how eating them WILL make your wildest dreams come true.

BB&B recap their NYC Trip, discuss some sports and bring back the fan favorite Life Sherpas Segment to answer the world’s most difficult questions.




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Jul 25 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 110

“Like A Minx”

In Lebron-like fashion the fellas make their long awaited return to the interwebs to bring hope to people around the globe.  Joined in studio by the ever mysterious RedWing, these dumpers tackle some socially sensitive topics such as dropping “N Bombs”, the Washington Redskins name and logo and of course the heavily debated question of which celebrity should come out with the next sex tape.  The listeners will get a real treat as RedWing finally breaks his silence and steps to the mic to reveal some past sexual encounter with a real minx…IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK HOME

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Apr 16 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 109

“Grumpy Old Men”

WOW!! Believe it or not BB&B are back yet again but this time they traveled into the future and are 65 year old curmudgeons.  If this is what marriage, babies and puppies do to men, all you single fellas heed notice and run the other direction.

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Jan 20 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 108

Happy New Year“Elpha-bit”

Happy New Year Tardos!  RedWing is back as BB&B starts off talking about Burnsie’s incredible NYE Party he attended followed by RedWing’s midnight kiss.  The fellas rehash 2013 New Year’s Resolutions and whether or not they were accomplished.  BB&B give RedWing some love advice and as usual he doesn’t listen even though 60% of the time Burnsie’s moves work everytime….as long as the chick has a pet.

Some entertainment news coupled with some sports headlines makes this episode a real gem.


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Dec 20 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 107

BB&B are back with another drunk episode! They’re joined by Redwing and Ribby and whole lot of BEER and SHOTS. If you thought episode 106 was a train wreck – this one might be a plane wreck.



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Dec 10 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 106


The triumphant return of these two idiots is fueled by their unquenchable thirst for whiskey.  It only took a few shots to clear away the cobwebs and get right back into their groove as your favorite…est podcasters.  We know you all never read these write-ups and will listen to the Episode anyway, so without any further ado… we present to you the Comeback Episode of the Decade!  We would ask you to spread the word but we know we have been disappointing in terms of consistency but we’re back now.  Keep your eyes, ears and legs open for the upcoming Holiday Episode.  This is where we separate the boys from the molesters and get down and dirty with Santa and his elves …I have no clue what I’m writing at tis point…  so goodbye.




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Jul 25 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 105

“12 DONGS”

The boys are back and recording in the new Brentwood Studio in what will be the “Dongiest” ever.  This was supposed to be a short episode but when these two start talking about dongs, there’s no telling where they’ll go.  Bunkie discovers Vine After Dark, while Big Brown explains why he likes asians more than blacks in certain circumstances.  Everyone’s favorite mother, Mama Burns makes a cameo while discussing the Craigslist Wingmother story and what she’d do for her virgin son.  Talks about serious topics are superceded by strap-ons, porn, D’s and other perverted material.

In sports we retract our story about Ohio State’s Carlos Hyde.  New developments have been released to contradict what was originally reported about him assualting a woman at a club.  Turns out he did nothing wrong….GO BUCKS!



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Jul 11 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 104

“Raw Dog & Apple Pie”Ahhhh 'Merica

About as American as it gets people. This is the celebration of America’s Independence which means the Big Hindu deepthroats a roman candle while Bunkie lights it.  Who knows where this episode goes but topics are all over the place.  We know none of you knuckleheads read this so not even sure why anything gets typed in the description.  Burnsie has a child and both of these two are actually homeowners now…..this is not good for their neighbors.  Enjoy your 4th of July and be safe.  You can never say BB&B doesn’t care about the safety of our listeners now.

Ahhhh ‘Merica




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Jun 3 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 103

“Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy”

Great comebacks in history include Robert Downey Jr’s meteoric rise from a down and out druggie back to stardom with the Iron Man series.  Or how about The Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus in the ’86 Masters?  And of course, who could forget our good friend Jesus, who was all but dead but then resurrected to prove that death can be beaten.  Now you can add Big Brown and Burnsie to this list as these two knuckleheads once again put up their gloves after an 8 count and trek on with a new episode.  Their long awaited return starts off with a recap of whats been happening with their domestic lives as they again find themselves on parallel tracks.  The second segment kicks off with a return of a fan favorite Life Sherpas Q&A, where BB&B solve the worlds’ problems.  Segments 3 & 4 focus on some entertainment news as they touch on Bieber like they are a couple of Monsignors, followed by a serious discussion of the world’s oldest profession.  We hope you enjoy….but if you don’t, well then go F Off!

Check out the new BB&B Youtube Page while you’re surfing the internets for pr0n.  Also keep an eye out for updates about the new Chupacabra Radio Network, where a smorgasbord of shows come together to form the Voltron of podcasts.

Will Ferrell as James Lipton



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