Jan 5 / Big Brown

BB&B 2011 NFL Playoffs Pool

This year BB&B & DT are hosting a NFL Playoffs Pool.

It will be $5 per bracket, but feel free to enter as many brackets as your little hearts desire! The winner will get a huge chunk of the pot and bragging rights. Also, they will receive a mythical BB&B t-shirt along with a potential stab at being BZOW. (That alone is worth it).

So here are the steps:

1. Sack up and decide to enter.
2. Download the brackets from the bottom of this post.
3. Fill in your picks wisely.
4. Donate $5 on our site (mark the purpose as “Brackets”)
5. Email your brackets to info@bigbrownandburnsie.com
6. Wait for your payday.

It’s that easy folks. Get some!

BB&B 2011 NFL Playoffs Pool Brackets

  • Brewer

    2-0 in the brackets and I have no idea what I’m doing!

  • CB

    I suck at this game…

  • Brewer

    I suck harder. I had the Eagles winning the whole shibang!

  • Burnsie

    I won just 1 game in the first round….Stupid NFL!