Sep 8 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 114

“To Peak or Not to Peak THAT is the Question”

BB&B are knocking out episodes more often than Ray … er … nevermind.  I was going to say more often than Ray Charles knocked UP women…check yo’ facts.  In probably what will go down in interwebs history as most hours spent online by teenagers and adults alike, BB&B discuss the morality of THE FAPPENING.  Even before touching on this historic event, the two compare what they did over Labor Day weekend and boy it couldn’t have been any further apart on the fun spectrum.  Finally, the duo is still gearing up for RedWings Survival weekend…that is if he doesn’t die before that from being overworked.

Thanks to you all for sticking with us over the past few years and we’ll keep on Rock N’ Rollin’ as long as you’re around.



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