Dec 8 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 117

Another BB&B Episode??

Episode 117 starts off with a recap of BB&B’s Thanksgiving Holiday plans and whether or not they self-mutilated themselves to deal with the events.  Big Brown’s extended family converged into Gahlot Manor, while Bunks and his family  traveled to the Southern Oasis known as Fort Deposit, Alabama.  Red Wing is a no-show once again as there was word he was attacked by a gaggle of Peacocks after drunkenly mistaken one of them for a horny minx.  Of course the fellas discussed Bill Cosby and the plethora of women coming forward accusing him of drugging and raping them.  We’re not sure why but 99% of the accusers are white….Why do you hate white women so much Mr. Cosby?   We will be hosting a Holiday Party with listeners and the other shows on the Chupacabra Radio Network so keep your eyes and ears to the grindstone for that announcement.

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