Feb 2 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 118

“Egg Cinema”


After a month long hiatus BB&B are back to kick off 2015.  RedWing makes his triumphant, but gloved, return as they try to catch up with one another and the events in their contrasting lives.  Bunks is just shaking hands and kissing babies during his remote campaign to be a mayoral candidate in Avon Lake, his hometown, Big Brown is still globe trotting after stints in London, NY and the Shenandoah and good ol’ RedWing is getting hammered and then sending cryptic messages to girls on Tinder and JDate.  It wouldn’t be an episode without a Top 5 List, of course its in no particular order because if there’s one thing these guys hate, its particular orders.  This top 5 pays homage to AARP as they run down hottest 55+ Celebs….well 40+ in RedWing’s case since he can’t count good.

Details of the 2015 APODcalypse are still being worked out but as soon as we have the details you’ll be the first to know.

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    Leslie Mann crushes Cameron Diaz