Feb 17 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 119


Welcome back to another classy episode of BB&B featuring RedWing. A little change of scenery as we return to the Brentwood Studio followed by a quick trip to a local watering hole. We start off determining what type of moral fiber these idiots have. We all know the answer to this but the real question is who holds the least amount of integrity. Mixed in between the slew of beers and shots, we cover the highly-debated “Plus Size” Cover Girls in this years SI Swimsuit Issue. This debate has caused several models, past and present, to come out to voice their opinion and show off their own bikini bods (Cindy Crawford). Bunkie steps up to replace Brian Williams, not only reporting on his tours in Vietnam, but more importantly Bruce Jenner’s transformation, Bobbi Kristina “suicide” and other Hollyweird gossip. It wouldn’t be a complete episode without the discussion of some type of challenge for RedWing. This week we offer up the Red Wing vs. JB Skills Challenge, where they fight for true love, reminiscent of  Tom Cody vs Raven.

Also, the date has been set for the APODcalypse 2015! Tune into the next episode for that announcement … SUSPENSE!!!


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