Mar 10 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 120

“Killer Knife”

Ep. 120 of BB&B

After last weeks drunken, marathon episode the fellas stay tighter and sharper this week. They jump right into it with JO talk, as Bunky reveals how he uses the spiritual presence of his dead relatives to finish his “handy” work during personal sexy time. Big Brown talks about another Sunday Funday where he blacked out without Bunks and Redwings there, further proving Bunks and RW are his blackout kryptonite. BB&B educate Redwing about the dangers of the internet and why his paranoia is being misdirected and that his “Killer Knife” won’t be enough for internet predators.

The big topic this week is paying for sexual favors, and we all agree that Bunky is the person we think would be most likely to get a hooker, or an escort, but the reality is quite the contrary. But Bunky is still on a quest to find the loophole for cheating with a random. Finally, we hear about Big Brown’s trip to Cali where he narrowly escapes being asked to be a part of a “Wobbly H.”

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