May 11 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 121

“Shriveling Richard”

Red Wing at the Tough Mudder Poop Crawl. EAT THE CAT POOP.

We’re back kids and this time we’re SOBER, during the entire episode, not a single alcoholic beverage was consumed. We promise this will be the last time that happens so please don’t judge us and just enjoy it while you can. We start out talking about Red Wing’s first attempt at a Tough Mudder, or a Spartan Race or some stupid obstacle race where he competed in the women’s division. He doesn’t have the balls to race Big Brown but he’ll do a 6-miler with random people. We continue to discuss a few random topics including transgenders, Jenna Jameson and Bunkies new found love for being a documentarian. Finally ending the dry episode with a whole lotta talk about Bunkie’s recent experience with a jeanie rub. Strap in … there was body fluids everywhere.

Enjoy you filthy animals and please follow us on Twitter and send us your feedback and any topics you want us to tackle.







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