Nov 8 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 38

YES ! Finally we are back with this years Octobeard contest winners! The boys talk about Diwali, how Bunkie loves Big Browns Indian sweets, fashion advice, falling asleep during sex (again), Charlie Sheen’s sober coach, the Forbes Top 10 shitty actors and why we love/hate you internets.

Hope you enjoy the episode and the special music in between segments!

Shot out to Rockstar Joe for our new BAD ASS intro song…we heart you RSJ!

Stay tuned for pics of the Octobeard winners!


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  • Daniel Obregon

    How about posting some pics of the winners?

  • Bigbrown

    They will be up this week. We didn’t want to ruin the suspense.

  • David Tana

    I can’t listen at work, and the suspense is killing me. Come on BB&B!