Dec 8 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 42

This week BB&B….and DT are back in the DC Studio where they tackle the age old taboo topic of “GF-approved forgivable lays”.  Plus we hear who we would allow our GF’s to bed. Listen carefully as you’ll hear Bunkie crying when nobody mentioned him.  DT really did his homework this week and gives Robin Quivers a run for her money with some spectacular news about ET’s and how we may have to pay a Mex….errr Spanish woman everytime we walk out of our homes.  Big Brown may be locked in his apt for the next couple of weeks as he devises a business plan to sell “performance enhancing toxins” to teens and/or their parents.

Special thanks goes out to the BZOW (Billy Zane of the Week) Rocky Parrish from the Kevin and Rock Show on 106.7 The Fan for his continued support for what we are doing.  Thanks again brutha!

We also wanna give a shout out to Ribby for his donation and we CANNOT WAIT until after the Holidays.

Give a listen boys and girls and be sure to send us your lists of forgivables.


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  • Daniel Obregon

    My wife and I both have Don Mattingly on our lists.

  • Ribby

    Precious should wire you a donation from one of his offshore accounts. What a scrooge.

  • Dan O

    Okay, the wife and I talked it over last night and here are our respective lists:

    Mine: Adriana Lima, Monica Bellucci and Jordana Brewster

    Hers: Enrique Iglesias, Angelina Jolie (booyah!) and Joel McHale from Community