Dec 20 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 44

Special Holiday Episode of BB&B this week as the boys record from DT’s animal sanctuary.  The trio is joined by Joe Brewer as they all deplete DT’s beer stash and spread some holiday cheer.

As the blood alcohol content increases Big Brown discusses his lack of climaxing after too many beers, Burnsie talks about his opinion on wives physically abusing husbands, DT confesses his love for Michael Vick  and the boys talk about dressing up as Santa while making sweet love to their girlfriends.

Shout out to Peter Hsu for being our BZOW (Billy Zane of the Week). He’s been on the BB&B wagon since day one and this week he gave us a huge donation. Thanks for your support PDiddy and keep sending us your feedback (and money).

Happy Holidays to all of you Tardos! Trade in your Christmas Tree for a Cock Punch Mistletoe…patent pending.


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  • Brewer

    Thanks for having me on guys!


    Anytime Brew Crew….. It was great having you on. You have to continue listening now.

  • Brewer

    I’ve got 3 new listeners subscribing today…how did I go about my day without this show??? I’m a retardo

  • Brad

    This was one of the funniest recordings in my book. We are old now… my college self would kick the shit out of me too. And Burnsie… you always have brought people together, whether they wanted it or not!