Jan 4 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 46

Happy New Year internets! 2010 went by so fast…it seems like it was only a year ago when we were saying that 2009 went by so fast.

BB&B with DT are back in the studio for the first audio cock-punch of 2011, and man is this one going to leave a mark!  The boys get the ball rolling this week talking about how good Big Brown looks in footsie pajamas, and resolutions for the beginning of the new decade.  Big Brown is going to muscle up to get the feds off of Burnsie’s back, and DT vows to learn how to park downtown so his svelte 125 pound frame can lend a hand.

As the Teriffic Trio think back on the last year, entertainment and sports take a front seat as they recount the worst celebrity cheaters and most embarrassing sports moments of 2010.  Thankfully, none of the directly involve Burnsie this year.  Big thanks to Chuck Carroll from Football News Now for making a special call in to the show to talk about the Redskins phenomenal year, Fridge leaving College Park, and his Superbowl XLV picks. Thanks to him, DT finally understands that a “bump and run” is more than just another way of saying “one night stand”.  What a pro!

And no episode of BB&B is complete without announcing the BZOW of the week.  This time around, the award goes to Kevin Schafer and Rocky Parrish over at the Kevin and Rock Show for promoting the podcast on air.  Check them out on weekends at 106.7 The Fan or catch up on their previous episodes at www.1067thefan.com.  And our sympathies go out to the Boner of the Week, Mila Kunis after her recent breakup with Home Alone.  Mila, you have Burnsie’s number.  Just give him a call if you’re feeling down.

Be on the lookout for the downloadable bracket and details for the first annual BB&B NFL Playoffs Pool.  It’ll be $5.00 to get in on the action, and that money will go to the winner’s pool.  Not to mention the sweet mythical BB&B t-shirt that will accompany the cash!


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Boner of the Week - Mila Kunis

Boner of the Week - Mila Kunis


  • Burnsie

    I can;t stop staring at that pic….. wow!

  • TCBlock

    She staring at me thinking….he’s the guy that will win the football pool whenever someone posts it

  • Joecalvarese

    I think she is the Boner of the Year.