Jan 10 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 47

Alright boys and girls, BB&B with DT are back at it again, bringing you an Episode 47 you won’t soon forget.  And with the amount of show prep that went into it, how could you?

The guys sit down and talk about the NFL Playoffs (you got in on their pool, right?), mishaps in the world of sexting,, and the harmful effects of cock-strept.  Leave it to our MVS (most valuable stockboy) to drop some real knowledge on the boys in the last segment that will definitely help them out in their future “race” relations.

We all have BZOW of the week, Mama Burns, to thank for taking care of the show this week, and for bringing Burnsie into the world. Sorry about the foul language this episode Big Chris!

Don’t forget – [velvet] will be playing at the Red Palace in DC on 1/26/11 at 9:00PM.  Boner of the Week, Marielle Jaffe, we expect to see you there.


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BB&B Boner of the Week - Marielle Jaffe

BB&B Boner of the Week - Marielle Jaffe

  • Tehseen Rana

    very awesome episode, guys! Keep up the great work!

  • Brewer

    the last 15 minutes of episode 47 were amazing…

  • brad

    Another Home Run! Can’t wait for the girlfriend episode… I want to hear from the poor souls that have to put up with you buffoons!