Jan 31 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 50

Wow – fasten your seat belts, cause this episode is either going to be a train wreck or the ride of your life!  You asked for it, and Big Brown & Burnsie with DT got it, and by it, I mean wasted on Four Loko for the Episode 50 extravaganza!  We’ll let the show speak for itself but want to give special thanks to all of our special guests that called in – J-Creep, BK, Mamma Burns, Dan O, and Ribby – for dealing with our shenanigans.  Big thanks as well to our first “live” BZOW RockStarJoe for his awesome special 50th intro song, and to the studio audience for not letting us black out in the middle of recording.

And let’s not forget a huge thank you to all the listeners on the internets.  We’re only here because of you, so keep the feedback coming, spread the word, and here’s to another 50 episodes!


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Episode 50 Special Guest- Four Loko.

Episode 50 Special Guest- Four Loko.

  • Brewer

    oh I can’t wait to hear this…

  • Tehseen Rana

    DT for President!!

  • Dan O

    I was expecting to get interviewed. This was one of the most awkward, terrifying shows I have ever listened to. We are all dumber for having listened to it. Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/mjlowden Matt Lowden

    I can’t believe you put “feedback” in print…