Mar 22 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 57

The fellas are back, sans DT for another spectacular episode.  DT is on assignment unearthing ancient fossils of the mythical groundhog in an attempt to be as famous of an archaeologist as Thomas Jefferson.  This week the terrible 2some discuss some inspirational stories from this week in sports that made Big Brown shed a tear.  Bunkie really puts his Criminal Justice Degree to use as he dissects some crime stories that made national headlines this week.  Avid listener and show promoter TCB calls in to discuss why his marriage would not constitute a posting on “Lovebook”, along with the shellacking that Ohio State put on Mason and the Green Machine, and why he and Master P have more in common than you think.  Bunkie explains why he contributes more to the senior citizen community than AARP does, while Big Browneye offers up his advice to anybody looking to score booger sugar in Hollywood.

We want to thank the listeners for your continued support and encourage you to keep spreading the word about the show.  TCB makes a plea to the listeners to donate a few bucks so we can finally get our technical issues rectum..fied.

Be sure to keep your calendars open for the Velvet Show on April 19th at the Black Cat.  This will be bittersweet as we celebrate what will be a great show, while saying goodbye to Udi.  Rock On Fellas!

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  • Joecalvarese

    Thanks for the plug, but our show is April 15th!