Apr 19 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 61

Our Acai in the Hole

Big Brown and Burnsie are back this week with a special co-host and local comedian Shahryar Rizvi.  This week the fellas try to keep it clean….will they actually succeed?  The chances of that are about as likely as Bunkie actually having a good segue.  Shahryar talks about how he met Big Brown years ago on the mean streets of PG County.  Picture Napolean Dynamite on the bus meets the O’Doyle Brothers from Billy Madison….except Brown.  The trio discusses why we lie to complete strangers on the streets and airplanes and how Shahryar would like to turn the tables on interviewees.

Aside from particular orders, the next thing we hate is how only dirt about celebrities make the headlines.  This week, they decide to give credit to a true role model and good samaritan for the Billy Zane of the Week.  None other than UFC’s Light-Heavyweight Champ Jon “Bones” Jones, walks away with this great award for coming to the rescue of a mother and her young child in need.

Be sure to check out our co-host in action at the Bohemian Caverns on April 25th for his Subcontinental Drift Event-story reading, then again on April 30th at The Capital Showcase in DC for his guest stand-up set.  Finally, you can find him at The Bethesda Hyatt for his full-on set on May 14th.


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