May 10 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 64

“Watch out for the Adam’s Apple”

Big Brown and Burnsie come at you this week with a real Tranny-rific episode, as we lead off with talks of Big Brown lusting after a He/She.  Ya gotta watch for the adam’s apple Buddy!  Transgender author Toni Newman is the inspiration for this, as “he” is coming out with a book about how “versatile” LL Cool J is, why Eddie Murphy travels with a ruler and professional athletes still on the “Low”…. Remember fellas, you gotta watch out for the adam’s apple.  We sorta stay on this topic as Bunkie turns into a total fan boy while Jason “Lurch” Bishop from 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies calls into the show.  He gives Big Brown golf tips, discusses Gary Williams’ retirement and why drinking in the passenger seat is still as dangerous as drunk driving if his wife is driving.

A big shout out to all the mothers out there and in honor of this special day, not only does Mama Burns call in, but FINALLY Big Chris gets on the horn and explains why he made Burnsie derail the Reading Railroad.  We then countdown the Top 5 hottest TV Moms in no particular order of course.  Who is gonna take the top seed?  We put the question out there between Carol Brady and Shirley Partridge, because the discussion gets quite heated…we’re assuming they were both actually women, but we didn’t watch for an adam’s apple.  Happy Mothers Day!

We wrap up the show with the age old question about who would win in a street fight between the ICE’s… Cube or T? Both have sold out a bit but do they still have some residual street cred?  We’re gonna submit this one to the producers of Deadliest Warrior and let them battle this one out.  We cover the crumbling of true R&B music, inappropriate music videos on Saturday mornings and why Big Brown hates video games.


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