Jun 13 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 68

“Artsy Fartsy”

After a short haitus Big Brown and Burnsie are back with a chip on their shoulders.  They are joined by the original sought after 3rd Amigo, KB, in what promises to be a glorious Episode filled with stories of hatred toward “Doctors”, Big Brown’s Antiheroic antics and what could only be described as another case of “boys will be boys” as another Weiner is exposed.

The crew leads off the episode by making fun of Burnsie’s artsy fartsy specs without mercy because for years he and other family members tormented his lil’ brother for having the same pair. A little time is spent discussing co-host KB’s absense from what has become an Institution known as The Big Brown and Burnsie Show, as well as Burnsie basically burning every bridge known to mankind.

During the second segment DJ’s are discussed as again Burnsie has disrespected all of them.  Big Brown and KB are basically experts about the music industry so they give their take. While this is being discussed, Bunkie almost peed himself in anticipation of calling out Big Brown’s anti-heroics as he witnessed a robbery and did nothing…nice work!  You gotta hear this one, especially since he recently likened himself to Jon “Bones” Jones when he subdued a criminal on the streets of New York.

Anthony Weiner’s predicament must be discussed as it is simply amazing that in 2011 only he and Burnsie still have no idea what the internet is and exactly how public it is.  How can anybody think that twit pics are shared between only two people!? The question remains, is this considered cheating or should we chalk this up to another case of “Boys Will be Boys?”

Bunkie really outdoes himself this week as he introduces a game called “PP or P” which rivals the intensity of this year’s NBA Finals series between the Mavs and Heat.  This one comes down to the buzzer, literally, as the brownies battle it out to determine who will reign as king of the lazy susan.

The episode is rounded out with a wrap up of upcoming missions for The “B” Team, KB’s ”gournal” illustrations vs MacGruber’s and shout outs to our fellow podcasters – Worst Sports Show Ever , Backfield Radio and Matt & JB Show.


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