Jul 25 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 72

“Hoe Hierarchy”

Big Brown and Burnsie want to apologize to the listeners for taking last week off….oh wait, you didn’t even notice?!?! Yea, they figured you hadn’t by the looks of the downloads.  You know what, they decided to just do this out of the love for hearing themselves speak this week.

That is why this episode is kicked off by hearing about Big Brown’s “Great Outdoors” getaway with his GF and her family.  Doesn’t sound  like it would be fun?  Well it certainly beats Bunkie’s adventure to NE to pick up his drunken GF from a club in the wee hours.  Was she really hammered or was she roofied? Speaking of roofied, the fellas want to touch on the NFL lockout and what the players are doing with their time.  A few players in particular seem to be partaking in some extracurriculars that will certainly keep them locked out and probably locked up.  Somebody should have kept their “Cox” in their pants!

These two intellectuals decide to draw up their own Freakonomics plan which they like to call the Hoe Hierarchy.  Here they educate the listeners about what separates a socialite from a video vixen and more.  You are not going to want to miss this lesson in “Ho-ology” from the guys that brought you “Pornstar or Politician”.

Dirty living room, toilet seats left up, food left on the counters….are some of these things your roommate or spouse does that really drive you crazy?  Big Brown and Burnsie discuss some things that annoy them and things they do that annoy their roomies in this weeks “Pet Peeve Paroxysmal”.

This Episode’s Segment 4 ends with more mish-mash of nonsensical banter about this, that and the other thing.  Beards, bachelor parties and an unforgettable sayonara round out this return episode.


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  • http://www.impertinent.wordpress.com RockWalker

    I’m glad that you managed to have at least a somewhat relaxing vacation, despite being surrounded by the family. Apparently your name is difficult for 4 year old white girls, so your new name is “Almond.” Have fun with that!