Jul 19 / Big Brown

Big Brown & Burnsie Episode 138


Big Brown and Burnsie are back with Redwing this week from the land of sectionals. Guys start off immediately about Redwings homophobia and how he won’t interact with anything phallic, including the mic. So good luck hearing him internets. The fellas continue an ongoing discussion about Redwing’s relationship and how he needs to navigate unchartered waters. Big Brown discusses is family vacation to North Carolina’s Emerald Isle. Bunks admits he wept like a little baby when the Cavs won the NBA championship and how he was assaulted by an art teacher in elementary school.

The boys get into heavy duty Life Sherpa mode as they answer listener’s questions – it’s what they do best.

If you have not heard the last ApodCalypse episode, you can do so here.

Hope you enjoy and please follow us on Twitter and send us your feedback and any topics you want us to tackle. If you want to call into the show or join us for a recording – give us a shout.






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