May 7 / Big Brown

Big Brown & Burnsie Episode 148


The boys are back in town! There was a random recording a few weeks ago, but that 4 hour episode has been sacrificed to the Whiskey Gods. We’ll be randomly treating you guys with snippets of that shit show in the months to come.

This episode is all about getting back in the saddle. Bunks tells us about his visit to the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival in Timonium, MD. Red Wing talks about absolutely nothing worth mentioning as usual and Big Brown recaps his glamping trip and confesses his true, snobby love for wine. The guys also discuss and show their distaste for Lonzo Ball’s new shoes and how the Big Baller Brand can suck a fat one. Also, more hate is thrown at the Big Brown Breakdown, a new podcast hosted by the fake Big Brown, Brendan Schaub … you sir … are a fake.

Hope you enjoy and please follow us on Twitter and send us your feedback and any topics you want us to tackle. If you want to call into the show or join us for a recording – give us a shout.





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