Apr 26 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 62

“Defending Your Honor”

DT is back this week with Big Dumper and Bunkie to bring you all an honorable Episode that would make Daniel Larusso AND Mr. Miyagi proud.  Finally, Burnsie’s lil’ bro comes out to DC and joins the fellas in studio to respond to some of the stories about him dismantling college campus homes.  He’s usually too busy out in Hollyweird making moves to call into the show, but clearing the air took priority this week.  You’re gonna wanna strap yourselves in for this bumpy ride because there’s lots of space sex going on here.  There’s no sense in even trying to explain what happens during this episode other than pure bedlam.

Fellas – you’re really gonna love Big Brown and Burnsie for what they did for you all here and you all need to give back.  Listen to special guest and Playboy Miss Social hopeful Ashley Salazar discuss MMA, packing heat, girl on girl action and much more as she graces the air waves with her sexy and sultry voice.  While you’re listening to her, be sure to follow her and give her your vote for Miss Social 2011.  She placed 4th last year but is back this year with a Take No Prisoners Approach.  Give her a follow on twitter @ashleycmsalazar and check out her photography talents at www.missoohlalaa.com while seeing more of her beauty (and body) at www.onenakedmodel.com and www.ashleysalazarforplayboy.com.  She was a great sport and very open with the guys.  Great pull TCB!

Topics this episode include a dude that spontaneously combusted at a porn palace, space sex and how good could it be, more unbelievable stories about the Burns family and Avon Lake, Big Brown’s trip to Pittsburgh and DT’s adoption of baby birds and trip to some exotic island.  ENJOY, DONATE, FOLLOW and SPREAD THE WORD!!!


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  • Tre

    I disagree with Jay…you definitely need The Rooster on your show. He has stories for days. Just make sure he has a good buzz before going on. Tell me the day and I will call in and make sure he tells you all the good ones. Good show guys. I just dedicated 3 hours of my life today with episode 61 and 62

  • http://ashleysalazar.net/2011/04/ashley-salazar-on-big-brown-and-burnsie-show/ Ashley Salazar on Big Brown and Burnsie Show

    [...] Fellas – you’re really gonna love Big Brown and Burnsie for what they did for you all here and you all need to give back. Listen to special guest and Playboy Miss Social hopeful Ashley Salazar discuss…want to see more and hear the live record radio interview? Click here. [...]